[LDAPCon 2015] Venues for Wednesday and Friday evening LDAPCon meetups

Andrew Findlay andrew.findlay at skills-1st.co.uk
Tue Sep 22 12:30:33 CEST 2015

We will need somewhere for people to meet up on the day they arrive:
Tuesday for most tutorial-goers and Wednesday for the rest. A pub that
does food would be ideal.

I suspect that many people will not be able to get all the way home on
Friday night after the conference, so we also need something to do
that evening. Again it should provide food, but it would be good if we
could find something more interesting than just a pub or restaurant.
This will probably have to be a venue that we don't need to book firm
numbers into in advance, as people may decide their travel plans after
booking conference places. I am planning to maintain the momentum of
the conference through to 16:30 on Friday, and it would be good to
have an evening attraction to give people an incentive to stay around
and talk after the formal event finishes.

Any suggestions?

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