[LDAPCon 2015] Draft conference timetable

Andrew Findlay andrew.findlay at skills-1st.co.uk
Tue Sep 22 16:56:14 CEST 2015

Here is the draft timetable. In developing this my thinking is:

*	Keep all sessions to 2hrs or less - preferably 90 minutes
*	Put longer papers earlier in the day when people are able to
	concentrate for longer periods
*	Get the lightning talks and poster presentations into the
	first day so that people have a chance to discuss them
*	Allow some time for LDAPEXT business and allow a trade-off
	between that and lightning talks if needed
*	Try to group papers with similar themes together (not always
	possible of course)
*	Maintain the momentum of the event so that it does not trail
	off into a 'graveyard shift' at the end of each day.
	(Howard: I am depending on you to wake people up in the last
	session on Friday! I have extended your slot to allow for some
	music :-))
*	A lot of people are likely to spend Friday night in Edinburgh
	so we should organise some evening event rather than let them
	drift away.

Thursday 12 Nov 2015

08:30	Registration and coffee

09:00 	The OpenID Connect protocol - Clément Oudot
09:45	Universal SSPR: a new edge for Self Service Reset Password - Alban Meunier
10:15	Improvements of LDAP protocol and transaction protocol - Christian Hollstein

11:00	Coffee

11:20	DBIS: Directory-Based Information Services - Mark Bannister
12:05	Æ-DIR: Yet another LDAP user and systems management - Michael Ströder

12:50	Lunch

14:00	Asynchronous LDAP programming is full of Promises! - Ludovic Poitou and Matthew Swift
14:45	Building Identity and Access Management in GitHub Enterprise - Matt Todd
15:15	2-factor Authentication with OpenLDAP, OATH-HOTP and Yubikey - Axel Hoffmann

15:30	Tea
15:50	What’s new in OpenDJ 3.0 - Ludovic Poitou and Matthew Swift
16:20	Driving Google Apps with LDAP - Boyd Duffee
16:35	LDAP Monitoring using opensource - Sanjun Song
16:50	LDAPExt Update

17:00	Break

17:10	Lightning talks
18:00	End of session

19:00	Conference Dinner venue opens ?
19:30	Dinner ?

Friday 13 Nov 2015

09:00	Innovative replication management in FreeIPA - Ludwig Krispenz, Petr Vobornik
09:40	A synchronous approach to multimaster replication in the M-Vault directory server - Damy Mahl
10:15	Monitoring OpenLDAP - Michael Ströder

10:30	Coffee

10:50	Introducing a Security Access Control Engine that resides in OpenLDAP - Shawn McKinney
11:35	Complete Open Source IAM Solution - Radovan Semancik

12:20 	Lunch

13:30	Using LDAP as Data Back-end for XML-Data from Digital Humanities Projects - Peter Gietz
14:15	Samba4 with OpenLDAP backend - Nadezhda Ivanova

15:00	Tea
15:15	WiredTiger Backend for OpenLDAP - HAMANO Tsukasa
15:30	An asynchronous meta backend for OpenLDAP - Nadezhda Ivanova
15:45	What's new in OpenLDAP - Howard Chu

16:25	Wrapup
16:30	End of session

18:00	Evening social event ?

I would like to publish this ASAP, so comments quickly please!


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