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Jos Westerbeke jos.westerbeke at eur.nl
Wed Apr 3 09:26:31 CEST 2019

Hi Peter G.,

Thank you so much for putting our activities another step forward!

Hopefully our voice will reach out more librarians.

We can discuss the website tomorrow in our call.


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Hi all!

This is to inform you that we now have a website strawman (https://daasi.de/fim4l) and that there is a nice blog / news story on Jiri's talk about FIM4L and about FIM4L.

Any comments to the website text welcome. Jir and I tried to make it rather short for now.

So we have sort of gone public. Of course the links to the two documents are not online, since still work in progress. But the finalized  versions 1.0  can be published there as well.

On the long term we can move this to the domain fim4l.org. But for this blog, we needed something quick.

One more point: I would very much like to publish a list of participants in this activity. What would you think? Of course we would only publish the names of those participants who gave us the written permission (including via email) to do so.


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Re: FIM4L website & news?


Mon, 1 Apr 2019 16:53:02 +0000


Laura Durnford <laura.durnford at geant.org><mailto:laura.durnford at geant.org>


Peter <peter.gietz at daasi.de><mailto:peter.gietz at daasi.de>

Kopie (CC):

Jiri Pavlik <jiri.pavlik at mzk.cz><mailto:jiri.pavlik at mzk.cz>, Jennifer Vosseler <jennifer.vosseler at daasi.de><mailto:jennifer.vosseler at daasi.de>

Great, many thanks Peter.

The story is live on the AARC site here: https://aarc-project.eu/library-community-to-build-on-aarc-outputs-with-new-fim4l-initiative/

I have already posted it on the GEANT community blog page here: https://blog.geant.org/2019/04/01/library-community-to-build-on-aarc-outputs-with-new-fim4l-initiative and it will go out in the newsletter tomorrow. I will do social media dissemination some time a little later in the week.



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