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Hi Jiri,

thanks for this interesting finding. Since Cambridge University Press is
participant of RA21 they might be willing to enhance their statistics
system to also count users per SAML IdP instead or in addition to IP-Ranges.

How are we to fix such issues? Should we have sentences like "publishers
who push for FIM should also align their software offerings accordingly"
and in which document should such a sentence be written. If I understand
correctly our current guidelines are addressing libraries and their IT
and not publishers. Should we also write a recommendation for publishers?

Just open questions to understand what you exactly mean with your last



Am 05.04.19 um 15:40 schrieb Jiri Pavlik:
> Dear all,
> let me share with you an issue which Charles University is facing at
> Cambridge Core.
> Charles University is running evidence based acquisition trial at
> Cambridge Core [1]. The university will select e-books according to
> usage reports once the trial period is over. Cambridge University
> Press is able to provide usage statistics for whole university and
> also for its faculties based on IP address ranges. Cambridge
> University Press is not able to provide any usage statistics for
> off-campus usage based on users affiliations provided in federated
> authentication.
> Hoping that FIM4L guidelines and recommendations could help to fix
> also such kind of issues.
> Have a nice weekend everyone
>            Jiri
> 1. https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/librarians/evidence-based-acquisition
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