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Peter peter.gietz at daasi.de
Fri Apr 5 20:03:03 CEST 2019

If I understand the use-case correctly it is all about statistics: how
many users of the organisation have been using which offerings. And
after having collected such stats in a trial period, the contract will
only include those offerings that have been used often enough. If the
publisher's software that does such stats, only counts on IP-range
basis, it will need to be modified. I don't think that client IP address
helps in the SAML case, but may be I missed what you wanted to say.


Peter G.

Am 05.04.19 um 18:24 schrieb Peter Schober:
> * Peter <peter.gietz at daasi.de> [2019-04-05 18:13]:
>> How are we to fix such issues? Should we have sentences like
>> "publishers who push for FIM should also align their software
>> offerings accordingly"
> I don't even understand why they should be able to provide such stats
> for non-personally identifiable access from IP ranges but not for
> non-personally identifiable access from any IP address but authorised
> by a SAML IDP:
> In both cases they have the client IP addresses, in both cases they
> need to perform authorisation checks (IP, SAML attribute), in both
> cases they lack an identifier to reliably map access requests to
> individuals.
> The ask would therefore be to fix the system to provide stats
> consistently, no matter the access method. Because there's no
> technical reason this couldn't be done in those two scenarios.
> -peter
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