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Raoul Teeuwen raoul.teeuwen at surfnet.nl
Thu Apr 11 14:28:00 CEST 2019

Hi all!

I’m working at SURF/SURFnet, the Dutch NREN, as a product manager in the Trust & Identity team. In light of the GDPR, and maybe also since we have a hub-and-spoke-federation, our institutions, especially the libraries, have asked the help of SURF in the discussions with publishers to check what attributes publishers have required in the past, and to take steps to minimize that attribute set. So I would love to bring and share what we learn(ed) and see what we can further learn, especially to align with international library requirements and ideas about attribute release.

If you would like to know more of me personally, you can check out http://nl.gravatar.com/raoulteeuwen 😊.

I consent to (with, in…?) publication of my name and affiliation.

Kindest regards,


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Dear participants of the FIM4L initiative,

The email list of FIM4L is growing. That's a good thing; we get attention from libraries, NREN's, and many supportive partners, from EU and recently the US. (As you can see in the email just send by Peter G. containing a PDF with names for the charter doc.)

To keep track of all participants of FIM4L, we decided in our last call to ask every participant for a short introduction. At least your name, function and affiliation. And why you're on FIM4L would be nice too. Just because many of the list don't know everyone involved.

We also want to ask you whether you're fine with publishing your institution and personal name on the http://fim4l.org website. (in development)

Future participants will be asked to give a short introduction too.

So, could you please give:
1.      short intro
2.      consent to publish your name on website (name and affiliation only)

@Gerrit: thank you for your already given extensive intro!

Thank you in advance!

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