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Hi Chris.

Welcome, great you’re on board ...

Not to ‘welcome’ you with a potential unpleasant discussion, and i do not know what you heard about the discussion after people saw what buttons Elsevier has put online at ScienceDirect, but: do you see any possibiity to either roll back the changes in access/sign in-buttons to a previous version (and maybe 1st have a discussion with people in the identity and access management field, or fix the current situation? Or is this a case of Elsevier balancing all aspects, of which ‘strategies to make money’ of course is one, which leads to, accorinding to many in our field, the strange current UI/UX? Redefining ‘access’ and ‘sign in’, and argumenting that it’s just a matter of users getting used to that, sounds a bit ... ‘unreal’...

With kindest regards, met vriendelijke groet,


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Hi All

My name’s Chris Shillum. I’m VP of Identity Management and Platform Strategy at Elsevier, looking after Elsevier’s access management system among other things. I’m also a member of the SeamlessAccess.org governance group and we co-chair of the RA21 project.

I’ve been involved in federated authentication for many years and looking forward for joining the discussions of this group

Happy for my name and affiliation to be published on the website.


Chris Shillum
VP Identity and Platform Strategy
ELSEVIER | Research Products

+1 212 462 1987 office
+1 646 250 8029 mobile
c.shillum at elsevier.com<mailto:email at elsevier.com>

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