[Fim4l] Survey for people working in IT or library in higher education and research

Raoul Teeuwen raoul.teeuwen at surfnet.nl
Mon Feb 10 08:21:32 CET 2020

Hi all.

As employee of Dutch NREN SURF, i'm currenlty a member of the Seamless 
Access Outreach team.

Seamless Access, the non-profit that is trying to improve ways students 
etc access publisher content (and maybe more), would like to better 
understand the knowledge and use of federated technology in libraries 
and IT at institutions. For that, they would like people from IT and 
libraries to fill out the a short survey.

Could you help get this out to institutions in as many countries and 
institutions, ideally to someone/people that help get the below message 
not only in the hands of either IT or library, but both?

Thank you.


>>>> example message you could forward to institutions in your national federation 


This message is relevant for people that work in institutions for higher 
education and research, all over the world, both people from the library 
department and IT department. Is that you: please read on. Not you? 
Please forward this message to a colleague, relevant mailing list where 
the intended audience meets etc

Over the last couple of years, many things have changed around how 
students and researchers access publisher content. Access based on 
IP-address doesn’t suffice anymore. Seamless Access 
<https://seamlessaccess.org/>, a non-profit collaboration of librarians, 
HigherEd IT and publishers,  is trying to improve current access challenges.

Understanding the situation in institutions helps Seamless Access 
deliver the best solutions. They hope as many people from institutions 
around the world fill out:

a) a short questionnaire for people working in a library in an 
institution for higher education or research: 

b) a short questionnaire for  people working in IT in an institution for 
higher education or research: 

We hope you fill out a survey right away as not to forget it, but you 
can send in your entry until March 27th. Thank you very much for your 
time and cooperation.

In case you want to know where we have shared these surveys, please see 

Thank you for your time and cooperation, with kindest regards,

Seamless Access.

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