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Hi Meshna.

For this our library provides a day pass, a "Library service card". One needs to go to the library desk to register and to show identification card etc. Then a password is set and given. The account authenticates for our e-resources like a student account. Quite some security rules apply here and the password is reset at the end of the session. We don't use the additional "library-walk-in" attribute as far as I know, which is a nicer solution. At least for you to recognize walk-in users.;) And if a publisher demands it to let it be known, then we need to use this attribute.


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    The eduPersonScopedAffiliation attribute has a value to cover this already - “library-walk-in”
    How that might work in practice is that the library could give those users who visit an account that asserts that particular attribute/value, or if you have open access workstations, configure the SAML IdP to automatically authenticate that IP address as a particular shared user that asserts that particular attribute/value.
    It’s then up to the publisher to make the authorisation decision about whether a library-walk-in is allowed access to that particular resource.
    If you just google “library-walk-in SAML” you should find some resources describing that above. I think GÉANT have some docs around some work they’ve done in this area.
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    > Dear all,
    > Many libraries can, as part of their agreement with a publisher, provide access to subscribed publications to users that visit the premises. That's easy enough when the library has IP address access configured with the publisher.
    > Has anyone given any thought to how that would work with federated access, where libraries don't use IP address authentication?
    > And if yes, are there any thoughts or tips to be shared?
    > Thanks,
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