[Fim4l] Reasonable lenght of SP's session

Bernd Oberknapp bo at ub.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Feb 26 01:26:05 CET 2020

In my experience for more complex applications the SP session itself 
doesn't play a role because it is only used to setup an application 
session, so the SP session might be very short, maybe just 30 seconds.

The application session usually has a relatively short timeout, maybe 
between 30 minutes and a few hours. Note that this session timeout is 
relevant for Unique_Item and Unique_Title metrics in COUNTER usage reports.

And there might be something like a "remember me" feature which allows 
the user to come back later and setup a new application session without 
having to authenticate again. I assume your question is about how long 
this should be possible? My recommendation would be to not offer a 
"remember me" feature in comination with FIM because (a) the IdP usually 
supports single sign-on so authenticating again should be easy (at least 
when it is easy to select the institution) and (b) this might cause 
problems when there is an incident like a mass download - after some 
time the library might no longer be able to identify the user (in our 
case: after a week).

So if Elsevier would offer a "remember me" feature and only authenticate 
users after longer periods like a month or six months, Elsevier would 
have to take responsibility for usage by users no longer affiliated with 
the institution and for incidents that might happen during this period. 
And of course this should align with the license agreements.

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On 25.02.20 12:19, Koren, Meshna (ELS-AMS) wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have another question which I posted on another thread earlier...
>>From the library's perspective, what is a reasonable time for an SP to maintain a session for a user?
> It would have been possible for Elsevier to maintain a session for any lenght of time - but is that desirable by the libraries? Should we confirm with the library that a user is still affiliated with it whenever a user wants to access the service (such as ScienceDirect)? Or every day? Every week? Every month? Every 6 months?
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