[Fim4l] Question about library/publisher reporting

Bernd Oberknapp bo at ub.uni-freiburg.de
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Hi Heather,

there have been discussions to use SAML to transmit information (e.g. 
group membership) to publishers and then break the usage reports down by 
that information, which has been discussed before and would be possible 
by using extended COUNTER Master Reports, but that doesn't seem to be 
the goal? Is the intention to protect access to the usage reports by 
SAML? That would be possible for the administrative web sites, but I 
don't think that it would make sense for the COUNTER_SUSHI API since 
that would add a lot of complexity. I'm a member of the group that has 
written the COUNTER specification, and the intention was to keep this as 
simple a possible which is why a) only the methods listed in section 8.2 
of the Code of Practice are permitted and b) the parameters are simply 
passed in the URL, including the authentication information.

Best regards,

On 16.07.20 17:37, Heather Flanagan wrote:
 > Hello FIM4L members!
 > How many of you get reports from publishers on usage stats for billing
 > purposes (maybe by using the COUNTER-SUSHI standards)? Have any of you
 > done anything different to get this kind of information into a SAML
 > workflow? A small group is spinning up in the REFEDS Schema area that’s
 > discussing the possibilities here, and while we have publishers on hand
 > to describe the use case, I was wondering what this might look like from
 > the library perspective.
 > Feedback and further information most welcome!
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