[Fim4l] Question about library/publisher reporting

Bernd Oberknapp bo at ub.uni-freiburg.de
Mon Jul 20 13:06:38 CEST 2020

The RA21 Corporate Pilot Report includes the suggestion to add a 
multi-valued schacLocalReportingCode attribute to the SCHAC schema for 
this purpose. Is that still the plan?

It won't be possible to break the usage down by multiple values for a 
user, so the COUNTER reports would include all combinations of codes 
that occur. For example if an institution uses codes A and B, and some 
users have just code A or just code B, and some users have both A and B, 
the result would be three entries per item in the COUNTER reports, one 
for "A", one for "B" and one for "A; B".

Best regards,

On 20.07.20 12:44, Koren, Meshna (ELS-AMS) wrote:
 > Bingo.
 > We'd like to support this at Elsevier.
 > It is not to replace any existing reporting structures, it's just 
adding another dimension to them.
 > Kind regards,
 > Meshna
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 >> the COUNTER_SUSHI API usually is used for application to application
 >> communication, so I'm wondering why SAML should be considered for 
this case.
 >> Which libraries/consortia have suggested this and what is their use 
 > I think the simple idea what for the IDP to send /something/ along to 
the SP so that the SP can produce aggregated reports based on the 
/somethings/ recieved by the IDP, ultimately providing the IDP with 
meaningful-to-the-IDP aggregated reports by the /somthings/ the sent 
along for different parts of their community.
 > -peter
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