[Fim4l] World is not covered with NREN's and good AAI

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The disconnect between libraries and IT is a known one, of course it varies at what level the two ‘find each other’. SeamlessAccess (SA) did a little research: https://seamlessaccess.org/posts/2020-06-23-surveyresults/ .

Both SA and FIM4L are trying to getting all parties involved aware of the necessity for good communication, for instance via talks at events about why federated authentication for libraries is getting traction, how to configure connections, how to ease access for users etc. So: work in progress 😉.

Btw, maybe the SA YouTube videos are of interest as well: https://seamlessaccess.org/learning-center/ .

Kindest regards,


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Dear Maarten,

Thanks - those are exactly the people that we're in touch with.

In the conversations we have been involved in (including Geant, Nrens from those countries, and representatives from the library consortia that EIFL works with) it has become clear that the two 'sides' (Nren's and library consortia/librarians) don't always speak the same 'language' and there was a lot of talking past each other (it seemed to me). One of the issues, as Irakli from the Georgian consortium (who joined the call this morning) explained is that they need help with the technical implementation (setting up a database for identity management, as well as saml configuration to allow connection with Edugain/the national Nren). It seems that the local Nrens have so far not been able to help with this. The discussions within that group are continuing, we have identified the need for training and the representative of Geant has spoken about training days early 2020 (for the Nrens). But we felt that there might also be a need for training of the librarians/IT staff to help with these issues.

Our next call with the Eap connect group is early December.


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On Wed, 18 Nov 2020 at 14:22, Maarten Kremers <maarten.kremers at surf.nl<mailto:maarten.kremers at surf.nl>> wrote:
Hi Jos, all,

GEANT leads two projects with EC funding to help emerging NRENs in Eastern Europe and Africa:

* EAP Connect where GEANT participates with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine - https://eapconnect.eu/about-us/
* AfricaConnect3 where GEANT participates with the 3 major regional networks in Africa - https://www.africaconnect3.net/

Best regards,

> On 18 Nov 2020, at 15:14, Jos Westerbeke <jos.westerbeke at eur.nl<mailto:jos.westerbeke at eur.nl>> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Today we (Raoul, Peter G. and me) had a call with EIFL (https://eifl.net/page/about ) representatives initiated by Romy Beard (cc) and several others from countries including Georgia. Several countries in eastern Europe and Africa are seeking to implement federated authentication & authorization infrastructure. This is a rather struggling task to build up NREN's like we are familiar with.
> They would have like to hear the 'library voice' about this and that's why they found FIM4L. But they need some help or guidance to build the backbone of AAI. Raoul and Peter G. where kind to provide some helpful information.
> It just triggers me that obviously not every country has the luxury of good working NREN's.
> If there's anyone out there who is happy to help, you can contact Romy. She can connect you to appropriate persons.
> All the best and stay healthy,
> Jos
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