[Fim4l] World is not covered with NREN's and good AAI

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Wed Nov 18 16:12:44 CET 2020

* Romy Beard <romy.beard at eifl.net> [2020-11-18 15:32]:
> the two 'sides' (Nren's and library consortia/librarians) don't
> always speak the same 'language'


That's not unusual, of course, as that'll happen everytime we cross
our increasingly specialised sectors.

> One of the issues, as Irakli from the Georgian consortium (who
> joined the call this morning) explained is that they need help with
> the technical implementation (setting up a database for identity
> management, as well as saml configuration to allow connection with
> Edugain/the national Nren). It seems that the local Nrens have so
> far not been able to help with this.

FWIW, several years ago GÉANT established a service called "Federation
as a service" that provides eligible parties (and there's the rub)
with a fully functional and secure technical infrastructure to run
their own federation on. (Management happens using only a web browser
connecting to the provided web interface.)

While not every region/country in the world may be able to make use of
that offering it does exist and works fine.
With the exception of the Hardware Security Module that's a part of
the GÉANT service (for secure signing of federation metadata) it's
also comprised solely of Free/Libre/OpenSource software and as such
could be deployed locally. (For those not able to use the central
GÉANT service.) That still requires some technical knowhow, of course.

There have been other outreach activities as well,
e.g. https://learn.nsrc.org/fedidm

REFEDS has also reached out to e.g. the APAN region several times over
the years, cf. https://refeds.org/a/1367 or https://refeds.org/a/1877
or https://refeds.org/a/1888 (the REFEDS blog may have more).


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