[Fim4l] World is not covered with NREN's and good AAI

Peter Gietz peter.gietz at daasi.de
Wed Nov 25 16:56:34 CET 2020

Hi all, hi Peter (s.)

may be offerings like FedaaS will not reach those developing countries.

An alternative that I see here is EduIDaaS, based on a central IdM
system, managed in a decentralised way and an IdP that is able to mimik
any number of virtual IdPs for each participating institutions, similar
to what SWITCH is doing with theit eduID service[1].

Such an approach is IMO cheaper than managing a meshed federation.

Just my 2 cent.


Peter (G.)

[1] https://www.switch.ch/edu-id/

Am 18.11.2020 um 16:12 schrieb Peter Schober:
> * Romy Beard <romy.beard at eifl.net> [2020-11-18 15:32]:
>> the two 'sides' (Nren's and library consortia/librarians) don't
>> always speak the same 'language'
> Right.
> That's not unusual, of course, as that'll happen everytime we cross
> our increasingly specialised sectors.
>> One of the issues, as Irakli from the Georgian consortium (who
>> joined the call this morning) explained is that they need help with
>> the technical implementation (setting up a database for identity
>> management, as well as saml configuration to allow connection with
>> Edugain/the national Nren). It seems that the local Nrens have so
>> far not been able to help with this.
> FWIW, several years ago GÉANT established a service called "Federation
> as a service" that provides eligible parties (and there's the rub)
> with a fully functional and secure technical infrastructure to run
> their own federation on. (Management happens using only a web browser
> connecting to the provided web interface.)
> While not every region/country in the world may be able to make use of
> that offering it does exist and works fine.
> With the exception of the Hardware Security Module that's a part of
> the GÉANT service (for secure signing of federation metadata) it's
> also comprised solely of Free/Libre/OpenSource software and as such
> could be deployed locally. (For those not able to use the central
> GÉANT service.) That still requires some technical knowhow, of course.
> There have been other outreach activities as well,
> e.g. https://learn.nsrc.org/fedidm
> REFEDS has also reached out to e.g. the APAN region several times over
> the years, cf. https://refeds.org/a/1367 or https://refeds.org/a/1877
> or https://refeds.org/a/1888 (the REFEDS blog may have more).
> Best,
> -peter
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