[Speakers] LDAPCon update for speakers

Andrew Findlay andrew.findlay at skills-1st.co.uk
Mon Aug 10 17:58:56 CEST 2015

To all LDAPCon speakers

Thank you once again for proposing papers and tutorials for LDAPCon.
We have published the list of accepted papers and we are close to
publishing the schedule for the tutorial day. I also expect to publish
the ticket prices and details of sponsorship packages this week.

Papers and Slides

Please send electronic copy of your full papers and/or presentation slides
to submissions2015 at lists.ldapcon.org as soon as you can. It would really
help to have these by 10th October so that we can make them available
to delegates when they arrive. The plan is to have full text on the
conference website, but to restrict it to registered delegates until
some time after the conference.

It may not be appropriate to make detailed tutorial notes available
to the public. If this applies to your tutorial, please let me know.


I would encourage all speakers to bring along posters showing technical
details of each presentation. This will be particularly useful where the
presentation slot is short as there may not be time for discussion during
the session. The poster can act as a focus for discussion at other times.

We will have display boards available for this. They are just under
A0 size, but I am told that A0 posters can be attached. This is very
large for a single sheet of paper so it may be better to bring several
smaller ones! Make sure that you use large text and bold lines so that
the poster can be read from a reasonable distance. If you are travelling
a long way it may be best to have the poster printed by a UK service and
sent directly to Edinburgh. One such service is Instantprint:
https://www.instantprint.co.uk/posters/a1 - I have not tried them yet,
but the information on their website looks sensible.

The display facility is for technical posters only. Event sponsors will have
the option to display commercial posters, and I hope that many of you
will be able to persuade your organisations to become sponsors.


We expect that most speakers will be able to claim expenses from their
employers, but we know this will not be possible for everyone. The conference
has a budget to support speakers travel and accommodation, so please
let me know as soon as possible if you are likely to need this.
The budget is dependent on us getting enough sponsorship and ticket
income so I don't know exactly how much we have. Please send me details
of what you need help with before 10th September. You will find information
about local accommodation linked from the travel page:


Promote the Conference

Help us to spread the word! Tell your contacts about the conference,
point them to the website: http://ldapcon.org/2015/ and link up
with our social media streams - you will find icons for Facebook,
Twitter, Google+ and Lanyrd at the bottom-left of each page on the website.

Thanks again for getting involved!

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